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Polarizer Analog Clock: Purple

Mesmerising purple-lit "polarizer" clock, a truly unique design! Clock widget with minimalist design, for your home screen.

This clock is of special interest to all those looking for simple, elegant lines and minimal clutter on their home screens. The dial is semi-transparent, so you can see your wallpaper through it. Also, the hour and minute dials show a "linear polarizer" effect when they align, due to an innovative polarizer alpha-map incorporated in this design.

To download this app, please visit market page

PLEASE NOTE: This is a home-screen widget and not a regular application: It does not "run" from the Applications Drawer, in fact you won't even find its icon there, when the install completes.

To use this clock, you must add it to your home screen by following the instructions below:
* Long-press on any unused portion of any of your home screens.
* In the menu that pops up, select "Widgets", then scroll down to the "Pol-Clock" entries in the list.
* Select either Big, Small, or Tiny, depending on what size of clock you want to use. * That's it, your new Polarizer Clock will show up!

*** Please note: If your Android device has a small screen (QVGA) / older Android version, the "Big" version of the analog clock may not work. Please select "Small" or "Tiny" in such cases.

The clock has only hour and minute indicators, no "seconds hand" is planned. The widget has three sizes, 1x1, 2 x 2 and 4 x 3. Also, the clock does not run a "service" in the background, so battery drain should be minimal.

Please report any bugs or issues by contacting the developers via email through the "Send mail to developer" button in the Market, as there is no mechanism for us to respond to bug reports that you post in the App Market comments.
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