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About SmartPhone Gizmos

SmartPhoneGizmos: Bringing the "Smart" into Smartphones

  • Developer and Aggregator of software for smartphones and tablets.
  • A source of innovative personalization, entertainment and productivity applications for your smartphones and tablets.
  • Specialists in the Android platform.

Currently we are serving the Android market space including the latest Android Honeycomb tablets, as android is clearly the most rapidly growing smartphone platform. This is an advantage for us as well as our partner developers.

Other Services we offer
We provide services for independent software developers to partner with us to leverage our know-how and market presence, to rapidly take their applications to market. Professionally managed end-to-end smartphone/tablet application development services, with the option of subcontracted development by our partner ISVS.

Our future plans
Expanding into other Smartphone platforms such as Windows mobile, Blackberry & Iphone.

Our market presence, backed by solid research, enables us to offer strategic consulting services to enterprises as well as development houses, seeking to evolve into the smartphone, especially on the Android platform.

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